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Ahojte dievčatá! Dnes mám pre vás jeden sponzorovaný článok,ktorý som dostala za úlohu napísať v angličtine.Bolo mi povedané,že ma byť len v angličtine tak dúfam,že aspoň čitateľky,ktoré vedia po anglicky si prídu na svoje ;) Ika xx

Tip For Taking Your Prom Dress 

 It is great to pick out a perfect prom dress for your age group,I know we are ignoring a lot of stuffs when we are finding a desirable gown,which is great for your age,your body shape,coloring. When we talk about the body type,there are so many beautiful women,who have definitely different body types,they might be petite,tall,may be more curvy,or very very thin,every one needs to find a perfect gown fitting their body types.Some prom dress will obviously flatter every kind of body shape and we need to learn how to identify which kind of dress is perfect for you,there are a lot of negative elements which will affect your decision,as a result,it sometimes is hard to find out the most fantastic dress,obviously it will be necessary for you to watch the “Miss America”,which is the origin of the inspiration,I think it is a quite good example for gals,you know,we might not be able to have a show on the stage.

Also,if you wanna look taller than you are,what kind of dress do you look for?A kinda of strapless gown which has a belt in the middle would be fine,for me,that’s the key,or if you have a pair of very long legs,it would be perfect too.Or what I like to do is to pick a dress with no sleeve,something fits it all the way down,then I could pop my body shape up. Floor-length Prom Dresses with different colors,belts may be.I also love a good empire waist gown,which always has a shorter torso,it just fits my body type,if you have longer legs,if you are very confident in that part of body,go for it. Even if you are 5′2′′ or 5′4′′,you might have a very very long torso and you don’t have very long leg,you are quite petite,don’t keep that in mind,don’t go with a gown that has sleeves.It is not about the number,it is about how your body feels,some thing that has no sleeve will make you feel taller,which will be more flattering. For me,the waist should always down to the hip,the legs should be shorten,there are a lot of things you could alter on the gown,when you are talking about the drop waist,it is really very important for you to know what kind of type is great for you. A lot of gowns are designed for 5′8′′ or 5′9′′ women to wear,the Halter Prom Dresses also could be great for the petite girls,the halter gown could make you look taller. Speaking of sleeves,there are something that should never be done,it is literally up to your needs,yeah,exactly,it should not be too long,it is not going to flatter you. I really consider more about the cut of the dress,I sometimes definitely will take some pics from very low angle,actually you want the vision will look great from each angle,then it will look great,so these things should be taken into consideration when you first see your gown.

Tailoring is so important,the tailoring could make your dress more perfect,once your dress is tailored,it will fit you body perfectly,actually,I would like to purchase my gowns one to two inches bigger for my body,so it could be adjusted easily according to my exact measurements.

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